What qualities should a senior developer have?

Most junior-developers want to become experienced senior developers but how does one become a senior developer? What does one even need to know to become a senior developer. In most companies you will become a senior developer after working there for X years. But what qualities should a good senior developer have?

Technical skills are secondary

Maybe you believe that a senior developer must have godlike technical abilities, that he or she knows every framework out there. The truth is technical skills are important but the soft skills are more important.

A senior java developer will still be a senior developer when he has to work with a new language.

A senior developer teaches others

A good senior developer will teach others and make the whole team better. He will give guidance and direction when things get unclear. A good senior developer therefore has to be also a good teacher.

A senior developer knows what he dont knows

A good senior developer knows that he doesnt know everything but he is able to identify his knowledge gaps and do the necessary research to fill the gaps. He is able to better estimate projects as he is able to see common pitfalls and hurdles.

A senior developer can communicate efficently

A good senior developer can communicate efficently with clients and other developers. He is able to gather requirements from customers and able to explain technical concepts to non-technical people.

A senior developer has worked in lots of different projects

A good senior developer has worked in lots of different projects and therefore gained a lot of experience with a varity of frameworks, languages, environments and clients.

It takes time

Senior developers are made and not born, so it takes time to aquire the necessary skills for becoming a senior developer.

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