Junior-Dev – Fundamentals Checklist

A common question from beginners with no previous job experience is when they are ready for their first job as junior-developer. The answer is probably 6 months after you started your first job.

The truth is you will constantly learn on the job, but below is a list of “minimum” requirements to be “job ready”. Take the list with a grain of salt as some companies have more requirements and some companies might have fewer requirements.

  • Basic Java Syntax
  • Java I/O
  • Portfolio of “Pet” Projects
  • Basic SQL Knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of Data Structures
  • Basic Knowledge of a Version Control System (GIT, SVN, or other)
  • You know how to Debug
  • Willingness to learn quickly

The two most important points are creating a Portfolio and your willingness to learn quickly. So start coding and create a Portfolio on e.g. github.com.