How to not get overwhelmed while learning web development

Are you overwhelmed by trying to learn everything there is to know about web development?

Web development is a broad field with many technologies and i can be quite overwhelming to learn if you dont start learning with a specific plan. The tips below will help you to get a structured overview about web development.

Cover the basics HTML/CSS

Before you dive deep into the web develpoment hole its a good idea to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Make sure that you are able to build simple static HTML pages before you learn any fancy framework.

Learn about Frontend development

Frontend develpoment mostly means Javascript so learn the basics of javascript after you have mastered HTML and CSS. Once you are familar with javascript you can move on to learn about frameworks like React or Angular.

Learn about Backend development

Once you are familar with the frontend side of the application you can start learning about the backend. NodeJS lets you build a backend in pure javascript but most backend functionallity is written in PHP / Java or another language.

Learning by doing

Its important to practice by building projects. Its important that you start small and iterate so that you actually will finish your project. I wrote an entire blog post about how to choose a great project:

Learn one technology at a time

Dont try to learning everything at once. If you are new to programming stick with one programming language.

A structured learning path to frontend development

The best way to learn front-end development for free is: It provides a structured course from zero to full-stack development.