How to choose the perfect side project?

You want to improve your coding skills but you cant decide which project you should work on in your free-time? Choosing the perfect side-project depends on many different factors. Below are some of the most important factos when choosing a side project.

Learn something new

You want to choose a project that puts you on the edge of your current skill level. If you choose a to difficult project you will abandon it, its therefore essential to choose a project with the right difficulty level. Not to hard but not to easy.

Fits your interrests

Choose a project that fits your interessts or that will help you be more efficient in your personal life. This increases your motivation to work on your side project, making it more likely to be finished.

Know your available time

The project should be managable in scope, you want to choose a project that you are able to finish in the time frame you have available. Finished projects look better on your resume then unfinished ones. If you want to shoulder a project thats too big for you, it will fail.

Start small and iterate

The best way to build a project is to start small and then iterate on it. Build a basic version first and then either improve it in small iterations or choose your next project to work on.