How to prepare for an programming job interview

Hello, today we will talk about how to best prepare for an programming job interview. A job interview can be a nerv wracking thing but you can prepare for it.

With the tips below you will be ready to face your first job interview.

Prepare for the whiteboard

Its very likely, that you will have to solve code problems during your interview, either on a whiteboard or in some other forms. If you are not used to it this can be very hard. Luckily there are many plattforms out there, that let you solve programming challenges. Some of them are:

Solving daily problems will help you a lot to prepare for whiteboard interviews.

Build an portfolio

A portfolio can be a collection of github repositories or of workings apps that you buildt. The important part here is that an employer can see that you are highly commited to becomming a programmer.

Your portfolio is the best way to show an employer that you are the perfect fit for them.

Know your strengths and weeknesses

Its crucial that you know your strengths and weeknesses. Be honest during your interview, but dont sell yourself to short.

Its ok to not know everything

If you dont know about a technology, say that you have never worked with it but that you are commited to learning.

Handle rejection

Not every interview will go well, you will have to be persistent and play a numbers game. Every interview will teach you something, use the lessons you learned for the next interview.

Use your network

Dont be afraid to use your network, tell everyone you know that you are looking for a programming job. Most people will be glad to help you out.

Getting your first job as a programmer is hard but software developers are in high demand so the best time to apply for jobs is now. The job market is very much in your favour.

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